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The player built friendly towers available in Antidote are summarized here. The basic defensive building is the White cell (Leukocyte). The player uses Differentiation to change these cell walls into tier 1 towers, differentiation costs sugar energy. Tier one towers can be upgraded one more time, into more specialized, generally more powerful tier 2 towers. Towers can also be "downgraded" - this is situation specific, a lymphocyte may be more effective than an NK on some levels. Friendly units have a wide range of behaviors which the player must combine to effectively defeat the Enemies.

Hierarchical friendly unit summary[edit | edit source]

Range finding[edit | edit source]

Friendly towers in Antidote have effects that are based on their hexagonal neighborhood. Friendly cells have an obvious hex in which they lie, enemies are in the hexagon directly under them (only one).

Scientific trade offs[edit | edit source]

There are several big factual inaccuracies in this model, see Science for more information.