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Viruses are hostile microbes that damage the stem cell and infect friendly cells. Infected cells can produce a mixture of more viruses and toxins.

Cold virus as seen in-game encyclopaedia

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Viruses move toward the stem cell along the shortest open route. If blocked, they will immediately attempt to infect the blocking cell, turning it into an Infected cell. There is also a small chance that a virus attacks any friendly cell at random. Infecting a friendly cell "expends" the virus (it dies in the process of infection).

Variants[edit | edit source]

There are currently three known variants of virus; El Bolador, Col. D Virus and I.N. Furenza.

Col. D Virus[edit | edit source]

Slow moving and not particularly dangerous, the cold virus can be a much bigger challenge when combined with other infections.

I.N. Furenza[edit | edit source]

In many respects similar to Col. D, influenza causes much more dangerous infected cells that last considerably longer.

El Bolador[edit | edit source]

The deadly lethal ebola virus is fast moving and causes short lived but virulent infections.